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Chamblee Car​es

Chamblee Cares 3 Part Series: Available to view via our website (Resource Page) or Facebook page or Instagram Page.

Date TBD- Part 3


Sunaina Rao Jain, PhD

Child & Adolescent Psychologist

Founder and CEO 

Sunaina Jain received her doctorate in clinical psychology from the University of Connecticut in 1975. After five years at a child and family clinic in Canada, she moved to Atlanta and started a private practice working with children and families. She focused on children's attention and learning challenges, and how these problems affect children's emotional health and the lives of their families. Through her work with children in foster care, Dr. Jain learned how attention and learning are intertwined with a stable and enriched environment for growth.

​In 1991, Dr. Jain opened Pathways Transition Programs to bring together and train a group of clinicians dedicated to a whole-life, or integrated, approach to helping individuals and families in distress. In 2000, she started New Learning Center, a non-profit agency specializing in issues relevant to women and girls.

Dr. Jain continues to refine the Kaleidoscope Model™ of Therapy and training professionals who work with children and families. She is currently preparing the release of Growing Children™️, a program for parents, that has evolved from her experiences working with families over the last three decades. Dr. Jain continues to learn from her interactions with children, families and presenting workshops.

Date: May 1st, 2023

"Mental Health in the Latino Community"​​

​Translated in English and Spanish


Dr. Pierluigi Mancini

President of the Multicultural Development Institute, Inc​​

Pierluigi Mancini PhD, is the President of the Multicultural Development Institute, Inc. One of the most sought after national and international consultants and speakers on mental health and addiction, his areas of expertise are cultural and linguistic competence, immigrant behavioral health, social and racial justice, health equity and health disparities.  He founded Georgia’s only Latino behavioral health program in 1999 and has provided expert content to clients in the United States, Mexico, Italy, Colombia, Cuba and Kosovo. He led a project to train clinicians in Latin America for the 4 million displaced Venezuelans in the region.His work has won a combined six EMMY awards and has been named one of the 50 Most Influential Latinos in Georgia; honored with the NLPA Star Vega, the UnidosUS Helen Rodríguez- Trías, and the MHA “Heroes in the Fight” Awards. Besides the MHA Board, he serves on the Boards of Wellstar Atlanta Medical Center and R.I. International.