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Chamblee Cares will be hosting and presenting a 3 part series workshop for Chamblee Charter High School staff on March 17th , 24th, and 31st  of 2021 entitled: Creatively Connecting: With Ourselves, Our families/community, and Our Students. 

FEBRUARY 17, 2021

Teaching high school, an already stressful job, has become considerably more stressful in these uncertain times. You always had to find a balance between the expectations of the systems you work in, the needs of the adolescents in your care and the demands of your own lives. The pandemic, shifting to virtual classrooms, then back again to the classroom, the uncertainty of when you can get vaccinated….add to uncertainty and pressure. If you’re like most people facing multiple sources of stress, you are so busy just keeping up that you’ve lost connection with yourself, your needs….self-care suffers.

In “Connecting with Ourselves”, we will spend an hour or so to let it all go and focus just on your own self. We will learn a few simple ways to be fully present wherever we are and restore equilibrium quickly and easily. The world won’t change…but how you meet it and take care of yourself at the same time can!

Sunaina R Jain, PhD, Clinical Psychologist. Founder/CEO, Pathways Transition Programs, Inc.

Deborah Grigsby, LCSW, Clinical Training Manager, Pathways Transition Programs, Inc.

Creatively Connecting to Help Students Achieve Mental Wellness

March 24th -1:00 pm

When: Wednesday, March 24th, 1:00pm – zoom invite to be sent by CCHS

Encourage student mental wellness by creatively using brain chemistry as a guide for movement, happiness, and calm.  The pandemic has created a sense of loneliness and disconnection for many of us, including students.  Having friends and socializing is a main developmental construct for adolescents, yet the pandemic has challenged students’ ability to practice social connection in real time.  In addition, teachers can struggle to know what motivates and excites individual students due to the nature of virtual learning and its lack of in person social interaction. Students can feel lost and unmotivated to be “present” in school because of this loss of connection.

In this workshop, we will discuss how to incorporate simple activities and exercises that will help students feel cared for, centered, and connected with their teachers and other students.

Speaker Information: Dr. Holly Middleton, from Chamblee CaresDr. Middleton is a licensed clinical psychologist who has worked in the Atlanta area for over 25 years.  She is on the board of Chamblee Cares, a nonprofit organization promoting mental wellness to prevent suicide


Creative Engagement Strategies in Online Learning
When: Wednesday, March 10th, 1:00pm

Spend an hour practicing creative ways to engage your students in online learning. This session will be very interactive, looking at tech and non-tech ways to support the social emotional and academic needs of your students. Leave with ideas you can implement during your next class period, and a list of resources you can continue to pull from for the rest of the year. 

Speaker Information: Rachel Swanson, M.A.

Ms. Swanson has a masters degree in education, specializing in curriculum and instruction.  She is a former Teach Plus Policy Fellow, a Gate’s Foundation Redesign Innovator, a Google for Education Educator, Innovator, Trainer, and Coach.  She was one of five Dynamic Learning Project Mentors supporting technology coaches across the country and helped write the curriculum for the Google Certified Coach Program.  She has extensive experience speaking, leading training, and coaching.  Ms. Swanson lives in Chicago and has worked closely with Chicago Public Schools.